Traffics Will be Limited Ahead of December Holidays in North Sumatra

23 December 2022 - 21:12 WIB

To realize a secure and smoothness traffic flow for 2022 Christmas and New Year holidays in North Sumatra Province, a joint decision was issued.

A joint decision regarding securing traffic flow during the holiday was also made by the North Sumatra Transportation Service, North Sumatra Highways and Construction Services, the North Sumatra Traffic Directorate, the North Sumatra National Road Implementation Center, and North Sumatra Area II Land Transportation Manager.

The joint decision places restrictions on three-axis goods transportation, trucks carrying non-basic necessities, when crossing national and provincial roads during homecoming, and the return flow of December holidays.

The vehicle restriction was carried out as an effort to anticipate traffic jams during Nataru in North Sumatra. However, the transportation carrying supplies for Christmas would be allowed to pass by showing their documents.

Head of North Sumatra Regional Police Public Relations, Commissioner Hadi Wahyudi, explained regarding the joint decision explained the purpose of limiting the operating hours of the transport or trucks was so that there would be no traffic jam ahead of the Holidays.

"The traffic will peak on December 23rd to January 4th, 2023. Transportation carrying main supplies may pass. But other than those, it will be limited only for the morning, evening, and at night where they can pass," he concluded, quoted from

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