The Synergy of Ministries in Assisting the Victims of Cianjur Earthquake

29 November 2022 - 09:33 WIB - Under the order of Indonesian President, all governmental elements, particularly the ministries and institutions, to move and lend their hands in helping the victims of Cianjur earthquake. This also includes the TNI-Polri who responded immediately by went to the locations and carried out evacuation process, and under the President orders, the ministries will followed up this act.

The Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs, Muhammad Tito Karnavian, asked a colaboration between the Ministry Task Force with the Department of Population and Civil Registration of Cianjur to help the people affected by the earthquake.

Their main focus in helping the victims of the earthquake is by issuing data populace and death certificate after being verified.

“The Task Force from the Ministry must supervise the Task Force of Department of Population and Civil Registration of Cianjur to immediately issued death certificate accordingly after being verified to the data populace at Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration.

The Director of Population and Civil Registration, Zudan Arif Fakrulloh then immediately moved and formed a Task Force consist of 10 personnel. The team is equipped with mobile enrollment, printing equipments, and blank ID cards.

In their first batch of dispatch, the team will operate for five days which will then continued by the next batch in Tuesday (11/29).

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