Kediri Traffic Police Focused on Anticipating Traffic Congestions

28 December 2022 - 08:20 WIB
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As New Year holiday came, a number of vehicles have started to crowd the border route in Kediri Regency. One of them is at Simpang Tiga Mengkreng, Purwosari District.

Head of the Kediri Police Traffic Unit, AKP Firdaus Canggih Pamungkas, said that there had been an increase in vehicles, dominated by cars, since Friday night.

"We have also carried out a simulation to anticipate traffic jams and an increase in vehicles," explained AKP Firdaus in his statement on Tuesday (12/27).

There are several diversion schemes, namely at Simpang Empat Papar, Simpang Tiga Jati Pelem, and Simpang Empat Kertosono when they assessed there would be a density.

“There are three levels of traffic, green, yellow and red. The zone refers to the level of density of the traffic. Currently it is still green, which means the traffic flow is still going smoothly," said AKP Firdaus Canggih.

Furthermore, the Kediri Police have also prepared posts and personnel on the Kediri Malang-Jombang border areas for security measures, considering that the Kandangan traditional market is the main route to Batu City, which is always crowded during the holidays.

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