Police Enforce Strict Controls on the Use of Fireworks During New Year's Eve Celebrations

24 December 2022 - 07:00 WIB

Tribratanews.polri.go.id - Jakarta. Many people will greet the New Year's Eve celebration party in 2023 with trumpets and firecrackers. However, firecrackers will be prohibited throughout this festivity.

Police Inspector General Prof. Dr. Dedi Prasetyo, M.Hum., M.Sc., M.M., the National Police's Head of Public Relations Division, stated that his party would only allow the use of fireworks or sparklers due to security and public safety concerns.

He further said that using fireworks requires clearance from the intelligence directorate, especially for individuals who would celebrate in multiple locations such as hotels.

" Sparklers are authorised and the method of utilising them must also go through a licencing process. Later, the Directorate of Intelligence will issue a permission for the use of it," revealed the National Police's Head of Public Relations Division in a statement on Friday (23/12/22).

Meanwhile, Police Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo emphasised that vehicle parade actions are confined to appealing to the community for their safety.

“The convoy parade is still welcomed; hopefully, it will not interfere with the safety and comfort of those utilising the roadway," he said.

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