General Listyo Inaugurate Churches and Temples prior to Christmas in Batam - Riau Islands

24 December 2022 - 07:20 WIB

General Listyo Inaugurate Churches and Temples prior to Christmas in Batam - Riau - On Friday (23/12/22) in Batam City, Riau Islands, the Chief of National Police - General Police Drs. Listyo Sigit Prabowo, M.Sc. inaugurated the Tri Tunggal Kudus Ouikumene Church and the Adistana Samanasya Temple of the Riau Islands Regional Police.

The inauguration was held at Graha Lancang Kuning Riau Islands Regional Police on Friday (23/12/22) and was followed by the signing of the inscription on the Graha Bhayangkara Housing Complex, the church and temple, and the symbolic handing over of the house keys to representatives of the Riau Islands Regional Police personnel.

H Ansar Ahmad the Governor of the Riau Islands, Chief Official of the National Police Headquarters, Head of the Riau Islands Regional Police - Police Inspector General Dr. Aris Budiman Bulo, M.Sc., Riau Islands Regional Leadership Coordination Forum, Main Officials for the Riau Islands Regional Police, Head of the Batam Free Trade Zone and Free Port Concession Agency, and special guests also attended the inauguration ceremony.

As stated by the National Police Chief, the building of residences and places of worship is not just physical, but it is also a vital requirement in policing actions.

"Worship is to deepen belief so that we continue to carry out cultural changes. This is what I often emphasise: in order to carry out a precise change in the National Police, we must be close to God. Because having strong faith allows you to tackle a variety of challenges. It's been operating great, but it's still regarded as incorrect. It will be even worse if are doing the incorrect function. Of certainly, the hard effort of all colleagues will yield positive results," emphasised the National Police Chief.

The Chief of the National Police hopes that the development of residential dwellings for personnel would strengthen the Police's performance in safeguarding, caring, and providing community services.

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