Suppressing Traffic Accidents, Bener Meriah Police Appeals Truck Drivers to Cover Their Cargo

29 December 2022 - 00:05 WIB
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The Bener Meriah Police Traffic Unit appealed to dump trucks to always cover their cargo bins using tarpaulins while on the road. This is intended so that other traffic users, especially motorcyclist, are not struggling to see the road and this is part of an effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents.

Head of the Traffic Unit, Ipda Sofyan Kurniawan, said that the truck drivers, especially those carrying sands, to close their cargo so that the sand does not fly away when the wind blows.

“It is important for truck drivers to understand the importance of closing their cargo while on the road,” says Ipda Sofyan in his official statement, Wednesday (12/28).

Moreover, Ipda Sofyan hopes that truck drivers, and also all traffic users, to always comply with the laws to ensure safety of all drivers.

Currently, Bener Meriah Police is carrying out centralized operation from the Indonesian National Police with the codename of Lilin Seulawah Operation.

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