West Java Police Reinforced Security in Four Tourist Destinations Ahead New Year’s Eve

28 December 2022 - 09:40 WIB
Foto : Ilustrasi/republika.co.id

The moment of the turn of the year will potentially cause traffic congestion at several locations, which included West Java. In response to thise, West Java Police is focusing on securing traffic on four tourist routes.

Head of West Java Regional Police Public Relations, Commissioner Ibrahim Tompo explained, the four tourist routes include the Puncak Bogor Route, the Ciwidey Route in Bandung Regency, the Lembang West Bandung Route, and the Pangandaran Route.

"After Christmas, we are more focus on implementing our security operations in traffic and tourist areas," explained the Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police, reported by Republika.co.id, Tuesday (12/27).

He explained that on these routes, a diversion will be prepared by going through alternative routes if there is a density.

"However, the diversion will be adjusted to the density that occur at that time," said the Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police.

The Head of Public Relations of the West Java Regional Police said that the operation will also be applied around the center of Bandung City, which also possess the potential of crowding on New Year's Eve.

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