Anticipate Crowding, Metro Jaya Police Dispatch Personnel to Potential Points

28 December 2022 - 07:20 WIB
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Metro Jaya Police is preparing to anticipate mass crowding by dispatching personnel at crowded tourist areas during Christmas and New Year. Apart from that, they also anticipate various New Year's Eve potential threat ranging from regular disturbances in communities, criminal acts, to natural disasters.

"We anticipate crowding at Monas, GBK, HI Roundabout, Ondel-ondel Statue, Jakarta Aquarium, Ancol, TMII, Kota Tua, PIK, Blok M, Ragunan, BSD, Summarecon Bekasi, and Alam Sutera," explained Head of Public Relations of Metro Jaya Police, Commissioner Endra Zulpan, reported from, Tuesday (12/27).

Previously, Metro Jaya Police had deployed 7,421 personnel for the Lilin Jaya Operation for securing Christmas and New Year holiday. His party also established 98 security posts to provide comfort for the community.

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