Papuan Community Figures and Traditional Leaders Assess that KKB's Actions are Harming Many Parties

7 March 2023 - 18:51 WIB
Divisi Humas Polri - Papua. Papuan community leaders and traditional leaders consider that the armed criminal group (KKB) that commits violence has harmed many parties.

The traditional leader of the Kamoro Tribe, Mimika, Marianus Magnaiteko said he was concerned about the KKB movement. According to him, there need to be family approaches, both through adat and the church.

"We indigenous people regret it. Why? How wonderful that Mr. Jokowi has a special concern for how to build good infrastructure from city to village and some people mess things up," said Marianus in Mimika, Central Papua, Tuesday (7/3/2023).

Mimika District youth leader, Agustinus Anggaiba, emphasized that the acts of violence committed by the KKB could not be justified. He wants Papua to be safe.

"We are youth leaders so we put forward the humanity of the Egianus group. Papua needs development, not killing and rioting," said Agustinus.

Meanwhile, the Intellectual Figure for Mimikan and Puncak Regencies, Yonias Kula, said that the overall condition of Papua was safe. However, in 2022 and 2023 there were many violent incidents by the Egianus group. Finally, the hostage of the Susi Air pilot.

"If they don't return, many people will flee here (Mimika), Nabire, and Jayapura," explained Yonias. He also appealed to youth in Papua not to be easily provoked, even though there are pros and cons with the KKB group.

"Don't get caught up in useless things, it's better not to have to, if possible the community, especially our high school and junior high school juniors, can easily join Mr. Egianus and his group," said Yonias.


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