The Task Force of Safe Nusa II Operation Conducts an Inspection Regarding FMD in the Region

14 August 2022 - 18:29 WIB - Kalbar. In the implementation of the Safe Nusa II Operation for Handling Mouth and Nail Diseases (FMD) in 2022, the West Kalimantan Police Mouth and Nail Disease Task Force (FMD Task Force) visited the cattle pens on Karya Kita Street, Southeast Pontianak District, Sunday (14/08/22).

During their visit they appealed and educate the people about FMD, while also spraying disinfectants on people’s livestock pen. This measures were taken to prevent FMD outbreaks, considering that the outbreak has already spread to various regions, so it needs to be anticipated as soon as possible.

In addition, these efforts are carried out to restore the livestock economy sector, this is to support the government's national economic recovery program.

In their visit, they sprayed the cow pens owned by Mukri, and having a conversation with him regarding FMD. It was reported that the animal owned by Mukri was in good health.

Kompol Abdullah as Head Operation of Safe Nusa II conveyed an appeal to livestock owners to always maintain the cleanliness of the pen and continue to monitor the condition of the animal.
If there are symptoms such as the livestock not having an appetite, looking weak, salivating excessively until they are foamy, and having an injury in their nails, then they should immediately report it to the related authorities.

The appeal for FMD and spraying disinfectants was appreciated by the livestock owner, Mukri, and hoped that this activity would be intensified.

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