Central Lombok Police Held Vaccination Programs on Livestock to Prevent the Spread of FMD

16 August 2022 - 09:45 WIB

Tribratanews.polri.go.id - NTB. The vaccinations to the livestock to prevent the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Central Lombok Regency (Loteng) are still ongoing.

Several areas FMD prone areas are beginning to get their vaccinations, as in Ranggagata Village, Southwest Praya District, where around 400 cattle were vaccinated, (8/13).

"Out of 500 cows in Ranggagata Village, 400 of them have been vaccinated with FMD vaccines," said through the Head of the Southwest Praya Police, Iptu Syamsul Bahri. Tuesday (16/08/22).

He explained that the target for these vaccination was cattle owned by the community.

This vaccination is one of the efforts to anticipate as well as to overcome FMD in the area. Previously there have been several reports of livestock in Southwest Praya Police being infected with FMD.

"To facilitate and speed up the vaccination activities, the sub-district vaccinator team is divided into three teams. Each team is accompanied by security officers from the Central Lombok Police and TNI personnel," he explained.

Each team of vaccinators goes directly to the livestock pens belonging to the community and inoculate the livestock. For livestock that have been vaccinated, a special sign will be given to the animals for data collection and ease the monitoring process.

“The cattle that have been injected with the FMD vaccine are marked with a special number necklace, which indicates that the animal has been vaccinated, so that later it can be easily monitored,” he added.

However, not all of them were given the FMD vaccine. This is because not all livestock can be vaccinated. Only healthy livestock and have never been infected with FMD may be vaccinated over 3 months of age. Meanwhile, livestock that have contracted FMD are not vaccinated.

“Livestock that have been infected with FMD can be given the vaccine as long as they have already fully recovered from FMD at least three months ago," he concluded.

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