Three People Reported Missing in Fire in Plumpang: The Chief of INP

4 March 2023 - 14:46 WIB
Divisi Humas Polri – The Chief of INP, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo stated that there were still victims who were reported missing after the fire incident at the Pertamina Plumpang Depot, Friday (3/3/23). This was conveyed by the Chief of Police after directly inspecting the scene of the incident.

"Earlier I saw at the command post there were still reports of 3 missings," said General Sigit at the location, Saturday (4/3/23).

According to General Sigit, the search for missing victims is in line with the process of identifying the bodies which is now being carried out at the Kramatjati Police Hospital.

"The identification process is still ongoing because the condition of the bodies is rather difficult to identify," he said.

During the review, General Sigit will go to the location of the fire point at the Pertamina Plumpang Depot, which is currently still in the process of processing the crime scene (TKP), and will visit the injured victims who are in the hospital. In addition, visiting 10 points of evacuation posts.


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