North Sumatra Police Chief Visits Tahfizul Quran Jabal Noor

22 September 2022 - 10:21 WIB - North Sumatra Police Chief, Inspector General Panca Putra Simanjuntak visited the Islamic Boarding School of Tahfizul Quran Jabal Noor in Deliserdang, Wednesday (9/21). 

In his visit, the Police Chief was also accompanied by the Deputy Police Chief of North Sumatra Police, Brigadier General Dadang Hartanto and the main officials of North Sumatra Police. The entourage was welcomed the principal of the school, Zulfiqar Hajar, and the boarding school administrators and also the students of the Tahfidz Quran Jabal Noor boarding school.

The visit was aimed to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the institution and the school, while also bringing harmony to the surrounding community. 

"This opportunity is our chance to strengthen the relationship between the two, while also maintain our strong and diverse religious communities in North Sumatra," said Noth Sumatra Police Chief

The Two-Star General of North Sumatra Police also showed his admiration to Zulfiqar whose able to establish a place where he can teach and guide the youths. 

"I was having a goosebumps seeing a place where the next generation of North Sumatra were forged into a better person where they could lead the state in the future," said North Sumatra Police Chief. 

During the end of his visit, he said his thanks to Zulfiqar and the others for the warm welcome and hoped that their relationship would remain strong as ever.

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