In the Upcoming 74th Anniversary of Indonesian Policewomen, Lampung Police Held an Exercise Together

14 August 2022 - 20:36 WIB

The exercise was opened directly by the Deputy Chief of the Lampung Police, Brigadier General Subiyanto, and accompanied by the Main Officer of the Lampung Police, representatives of Bhayangkari, and representatives of the TNI.

The Deputy Chief of the Lampung Regional Police said that the Policewomen is present since September 1st, 1948 and part of the National Police Institution which has important roles and functions that cannot be carried out by male police, such as PPA (Women and Children Protection).

In his remarks, he hoped that the Policewomen could grow to be even better and improve themselves so that they can carry out their duty optimally.

“With this morning exercise, hopefully it could give us a good health and raise our solidarity between policewomen personnel throughout Lampung police,” said the Deputy Police Chief of Lampung.

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Last Updated: 28 September 2022 - 14:52
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