Tips on Attending Wedding Ceremony during Covid-19 Pandemic
Sunday, 21 June 2021 - 09:30 WIB
Tips on Attending Wedding Ceremony during Covid-19 Pandemic Covid-19 Pandemic that started at the beginning of 2020 affects not only many aspects of life but also affects many planned events to be postponed or cancelled, including wedding celebrations.

Many wedding couples choose to postpone it indefinitely, but some are adamant about holding the ceremony, even though significantly downsizing it into a small party.

Either siblings or close friends who want to hold the party, if you do not feel comfortable attending the wedding party during this time, you have a right to refuse. However, if you decide to attend, here are several safety tips on attending a wedding party to ensure you and other's good health and safety.

1. Make sure Health Protocols are being adhered to by the organisers.

If you are going to attend the party, make sure the organiser is adhering to Health Protocols. However, otherwise, we have the right not to participate in the event.

2. If feeling unwell, postpone or cancel attendance

Make sure you are in good condition to attend the wedding. If you are feeling unwell, consider not to go outside to avoid Covid-19 transmission.

3. Always uses face mask from going out from home until going back at home.

Wearing a face mask is the most effective way to attend a wedding party safely and comfortably. Even if you are outdoor, keep adhering to Health Protocols, moreover, when you are at a close distance with other people. You have to keep using a face mask even when taking pictures with the bride and siblings attending the event.

During the Pandemic like now, face mask has become must-use equipment when you want to travel anywhere, including wedding parties. However, do not worry! You can stay attractive using a face mask. There are many fancy and elegant face masks designs fit for formal occasions such as a wedding.

4. Avoid talking with other people when eating.

If you want to attend wedding parties during the Pandemic, it is better to avoid conversing with other people before attending the event. This means passing the hangout offers from your friends in restaurants, shopping in malls, and dating at cafes, except for important reasons. Therefore, you can minimise the risk of exposure to the virus and spread it at the wedding party you want to attend.

5. Keep a one-metre safe distance between people.

Coronavirus is easy to spread, so it is essential to keep a distance from other people. It is sad not being able to congrats the close friends having the wedding physically. But remember: it is a critical time for everyone's safety. As a good wedding attendee, you certainly do not want to make the bride and groom feel uncomfortable by standing too close to them.

Therefore, keep the one-metre distance from other people when attending the ceremony. This could be a challenge, but you can still celebrate the joyful moments with friends and families from a safe distance with some extra attention.

6. Wash your hands with soap periodically.

Some health experts believe that Coronavirus can stick on any surface and spread from contact with the contaminated surface. It is essential to wash your hands often.

The best way is to go to the toilet and wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds. However, you also can bring alcohol-based hand sanitisers, so you can often clean your hands during the celebration.

7. Use "namaste" greeting and limit the visiting time.

This Namaste greeting could be used as an alternative to the Indonesian custom of shaking hands. The namaste move was known in yoga. Usually, people, when finishing yoga, will say "Namaste", followed by the movement of clasping both hands on the chest.

Better give the namaste greeting from a safe distance, so your friend or siblings will already know that you are doing the namaste greeting.

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