Chief of Indonesia National Police Describes 15 Public Service Applications That Are As Easy as Ordering Pizza
Admin Humas
Thursday, 17 June 2021 - 11:20 WIB
Chief of Indonesia National Police Describes 15 Public Service Applications That Are As Easy as Ordering Pizza - Jakarta. The Chief of Indonesia National Police, Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, mentioned the launch of 15 information technology-based public service applications to make it easier for the public to get police services just like ordering pizza.

"Currently, the Chief of Indonesia National Police has 15 public service applications with an online system basis and delivery system so services can be faster, easier, and transparent. [The public services also has] simple procedures so people can get Police services as easy as ordering pizza," as explained by the Chief of Indonesia National Police in a Working Meeting with House of Representatives Commission III at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (06/16).

The 15 services that the Chief of Indonesia National Police explained in front of the council members include online International driving licence (SIM), Precision National SIM (SINAR), Online SIM Theory Exam (EAVIS), E-PPSI (Electronic Psychological Examination), E-Rikkes (Electronic Health Examination), BOS (Binmas (community development) Online System). Then, Polri (Indonesia National Police) TV Radio, National Digital Samsat (one stop service administration system) (SIGNAL), online SKCK (Certificate of Good Conduct), SPKT (Integrated Police Service Center), Community Services, SPKT complaints, online SP2HP (Notification on Progress Result),, Presisi Dumas (Community Complaint) and Presisi Propam (Profession and Security).

In addition, the Chief of Indonesia National Police also added that the Indonesia National Police currently had provided Hotline 110 service for the community. Community call the number if they need assistance from the police.

"Since the police service hotline number 110 was launched on May 20, 2021, approximately 20 days, it has received 1,455,954 calls. The service hotline can also be used as a means of controlling the leadership in assessing the performance of units under it," said the National Police Chief.

Police also emphasized the implementation of improving the welfare of personnel through housing and health programs. Currently, 108,795 housing units have been built for civil servants at the Indonesia National Police, which exceeds the initial target with an increase in the percentage of personnel who own houses by 5.36 per cent.

"This program will continue so that all members of the Indonesia National Police can have a decent house," the Chief of former Banten Police explained.

In terms of health, currently, the Indonesia National Police have 52 Bhayangkara Hospitals. 570 First Level Health Facilities (FKTP), and 11,484 health workers.

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