Chief of Traffic Police Corps Asked to Maximise Red Zone's Checkpoints to Suppress Covid-19
Admin Humas
Monday, 13 June 2021 - 14:52 WIB
Chief of Traffic Police Corps Asked to Maximise Red Zones Checkpoints to Suppress Covid-19 - Jakarta. Chief of Traffic Police Corps (Kakorlantas) of Indonesian National Police, Police Inspector General Istiono, visited PPKM Mikro (Micro-scaled Public Activity Limitation Enforcement) checkpoint post in one of the Covid-19 red zones in Cilangkap, Cipayung, East Jakarta, Sunday (13/06).

"One of our measures in the field are changing mobile driving license vehicle into mobile antigen swab test vehicle", Kakorlantas said.

The two-star general hope that checkpoints in Covid-19 red zones are maximised, started from public activity overseeing, treating the ones exposed to the virus, and Covid-19 vaccination process.

"We hope that we can push all our colleagues from Covid-19 Task Force and Police to accelerate handling measures in all red zones in Indonesia", Police Inspector General Istiono said.

Meanwhile, in the area under the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Police jurisdiction, there are five checkpoints to oversee public mobilisation limitation, especially ones in red zones to accelerate Covid-19 handling and treatment.

Right now, National Police is also optimising mass vaccination activity towards the public to avoid Covid-19 spread. There are 17 red zones in Indonesia, 331 regencies/cities included in the orange zone, 158 regencies/cities in the yellow zone, and eight regencies/cities in the green zone.

"This area (Cipayung) is included in the red zone. Therefore, vaccination must be accelerated. National Police is conducting vaccination acceleration measures and fighting Covid-19 to the smallest governing units of Neighbourhood Association and Citizens Association", Kakorlantas said.

National Police are monitoring crowded places that potentially become hotspots for Covid-19 spread, such as tourism objects and public central economic activity centres.

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