Boven Digoel Digoel Resort Police Socialized Health Protocol on Residents
Tuesday, 23 February 2021 - 14:54 WIB
Boven Digoel Digoel Resort Police Socialized Health Protocol on Residents

Papua - Located at unitary village, a routine meeting of FKPM (Community Police Communication Forum) was held, Monday (22/02) at 09.00 WIT.

Police Assistant Second Inspector Ihsan at the meeting said to the public to take an active role in preventing Covid-19 by always adhering to 3M's health protocol because it is still a pandemic condition, and there is an increase in people who are currently positively affected by Covid-19.

"In this case, the government has begun to implement vaccinations gradually, and the public does not need to worry about hoax news circulating on social media," explained Police Assistant Second Inspector Ihsan.

The Deputy for the Social Development Unit also added that there would be an admission of Noken Noken in 2021, so people who have sons or daughters and families who have graduated from high school and are interested in becoming Police should immediately look at the requirements in the HR department of Boven Digoel Resort Police.

"We also remind people that security and public order in the environment is a shared responsibility. If our area is safe, we will not worry about carrying out activities every day. A safe and peaceful life is a basic need for all of us, so let us protect and maintain it to create a safe and secure social and community service. Full of peace," he concluded.

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