Bovendigoel Sub-Regional Police Holds Community Police Communication Forum (FKPM)
Wednesday, 17 February 2021 - 11:42 WIB
Bovendigoel Sub-Regional Police Holds Community Police Communication Forum (FKPM)

Papua - The Social Development Section of the Bovendigoel Sub-Regional Police carried out FKPM (Community Police Communication Forum) activities at RT 12, Sokanggo village, Mandobo District. Tuesday (16/02/2021).

As Police's security and public order officers (Bhabinkamtibmas) Police Senior Brigadier Markus, K Minipko Kampung Sokanggo persuades the community to care about everything in the neighborhood only security and order but how the family atmosphere feels in a shared environment.

"During a pandemic, we constantly invite and urge the people present to take an active role in preventing Covid-19 by always complying with health protocols," said Senior Police Brigadier Markus.

Vice Head of Society Guidance Section, Police Assistant Second Inspector Ihsan explained that there would be an admission of Police Noken, so people who have children and families who have graduated from Senior High School should register immediately by checking the requirements in the Bovendigoel Sub-Regional Police.

The Head of the Neighborhood and the Community accept the Police's direction and are grateful for the Police's presence amid the community. The Head of Neighborhood head apologizes if the FKPM meeting services, there are many deficiencies such as inadequate availability of places.

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