Implementation of INP Health Worker Vaccination Reaches 90.60%
Tuesday, 09 February 2021 - 14:20 WIB
Implementation of INP Health Worker Vaccination Reaches 90.60%

Jakarta - The Head of Security Maintenance Board of Indonesian National Police (Kabaharkam), Police Commissioner-General, Agus Andrianto, as Head of Operation Centre for Aman Nusa II for Covid-19 Handling, representing The Chief of INP attending a Coordination Meeting Monitoring the Implementation of Covid-19 Vaccination led by the Minister of Health, which was held virtually from the Security Maintenance Board Meeting Room, INP Headquarters Office, Jakarta, Monday (08/02/2021).

Kabaharkam INP explained, the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination for INP health workers, as of February 7, 2021, the percentage reached 91.60 percent. The implementation of Covid-19 vaccination for INP Health Workers has been carried out for 12,193 people from vaccination for 13,311 people.

This number consists of 9,037 people vaccinated at the Bhayangkara Hospital with details of INP 932 people, ASN 1,866 people, and Partners 6,239 people, and 3,156 people vaccinated at the INP First Level Health Facility (FKTP) with details of INP 1,209 people, ASN 969 people, and partners 978 people.

Besides, Kabaharkam also revealed several efforts made by INP in supporting vaccination, such as listing all health workers and INP personnel who were included as vaccination targets, conducting training for 735 INP Health Workers' vaccinators, preparing all INP health facilities as a place for vaccination, thus ordering Resort and Regional Police to coordinate with the local Health Authority regarding reporting of vaccination in their respective areas.

This coordination meeting was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Indonesian Military (TNI), all Governors, Regional Military Commander, and The Head of Regional Police in Indonesia.

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