Banten Regional Police Chief: Demonstrating Security Must Be Humane
Saturday, 27 November 2021 - 15:02 WIB
Banten Regional Police Chief: Demonstrating Security Must Be Humane - Serang. Demonstrations from the masses of workers will continue until tomorrow, Friday (26/11), in the Banten area, centred at the Banten Provincial Government Headquarters (KP3B) with a large enough mass action plan. For this reason, the Banten Police have held a meeting to prepare a security plan (Renpam) that is adaptive to large-scale labour demonstrations that are fighting for an increase in the minimum wage for workers' groups. The mass action is expected to flow from Tangerang Regency, Serang Regency and Cilegon City.

There were several points of emphasis conveyed by the Banten Regional Police Chief, Pol. Inspector-General Dr. Rudy Heriyanto Adi Nugroho, to the High-Rank Officers of the Banten Regional Police and several Police Chiefs who attended the meeting. It is necessary to formulate a comprehensive and adaptive Renpam with the potential problems during demonstration services, including contingencies that can result in security disturbances such as toll road blockades, mass sweeping into factory areas, child abuse actions, and other contingencies. "Renpam must be the basis for personnel in managing potential problems when serving demonstrations," said Rudy.

The Banten Regional Police Chief firmly ordered security personnel not to carry firearms and always performed humane services, such as distributing masks and drinks to the crowd, regulating traffic for other road drivers, picking up trash, communicating actively with the crowd, and other humanitarian services. "Avoid clashes between the police and workers. The police must be patient, don't overreact to the demonstrations served by the workers," said the Regional Police Chief.

He continued, the Banten Regional Police Chief ordered key officials to go to the field and motivate security personnel and even play a role as a problem solver for problems in demonstration services' dynamics. The Provost was also assigned to ensure that security was carried out according to its standard operating procedures (SOP).

"Documentation is not only from the public relations function but also other personnel so that it can be used as a guide when there is a series of investigations and investigations from accessing anarchic and unlawful demonstrations. If in the worst case it happens, then the person must be ready with the concept of being aware of the camera," he said.

The police chief must communicate with the target of the action to assign provincial or local government officials to accommodate the aspirations of the labour group and communicate face-to-face with representatives of the mass action groups. The masses will be happier if provincial government officials are willing to accept mass representatives to negotiate and discuss so that aspirations can be communicated directly.

"Personnel should be checked for physical and mental health, lest there be emotional and excessive personnel in the action service because demonstrations from workers will last for the next few days," Bold him.

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