South Sulawesi Regional Police Chief Directly Observes Student Vaccinations in Maros Regency
Saturday, 27 November 2021 - 14:59 WIB
South Sulawesi Regional Police Chief Directly Observes Student Vaccinations in Maros Regency - Maros. South Sulawesi Regional Police Chief, Inspector General. Pol. Nana Sudjana AS, directly observed the implementation of student vaccinations throughout Maros Regency and social services held by the Maros Police at the Maros Regency Government Multipurpose Building, Thursday (11/25/21).

During the vaccination review, the South Sulawesi Police Chief and the South Sulawesi Regional Police's High-Rank Executives accompanied Maros Regent Andi Syafril Chaidir Syam Maros Police Chief Pol. Grand Commissioner Attendant Fatchur Rochman and Regency Regional Leadership Communication Forum officials. In addition to the Vaccination Review, the South Sulawesi Police Chief also had the opportunity to hand over social assistance to the community.

From the data obtained, the implementation of students' vaccination throughout Maros Regency held by the Maros Police is targeted at 5,000 doses which are also distributed in 13 other sub-districts throughout Maros Regency. In addition, this activity is also themed: Contribution of students to the country through vaccination towards healthy Indonesia in realizing a healthy and productive society.

The Two-Star General expressed his appreciation for the implementation of the student vaccination in Maros. According to him, this activity helps the government's program in accelerating vaccination in South Sulawesi.

"But don't let this vaccination cause health protocols to be neglected. Instead, I convey to students and the public that health protocols are maintained and implemented," explained the South Sulawesi Regional Police Chief.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of the South Sulawesi Regional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner Ade Indrawan said this activity is a form of the Police's concern to assist the government in accelerating the handling of Covid-19 in South Sulawesi and helping people affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

At the same time, he even said that the National Police provide opportunities for all ranks of the Police to contribute to the acceleration of vaccination so that the government's target of realizing Herd Immunity can be achieved.

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