Noken Community Development Unit of Tolikara Held Public Policing through KOTEKA Programme
Friday, 26 November 2021 - 08:59 WIB
Noken Community Development Unit of Tolikara Held Public Policing through KOTEKA Programme

Papua – On Thursday, November 24, 2021, the Noken Community Development Unit (Binmas Noken) of Tolikara region, represented by Police Inspector First Class Widada, Police Brigadier Petrus Hamokwarong, Police Brigadier First Class Yordan P Bonay, and Police Brigadier First Class Pilipus Samtai, conducted KOTEKA programme (Communication with Elite, Religious, and Traditional Figures) in Kendemeya village, Nelawi district, Tolikara regency.

The visit was directed to Mr Yupenius Kogoya, the community figure of Kendemeya village, Nelawi district.

Once arrived, the Binmas Noken personnel delivered security and order message. "We, the personnel of Binmas Noken, thanked Mr Yupenus Kogoya as the community figure for welcoming our visitors to greet and discuss community security and order in the Kendemeya village", Police Inspector First Class Widada said.

The Binmas Noken then invited Mr Yupenus Kogoya, as a community figure and village staff and other figures and community to maintain security and order situation in Kendemeya village, Nelawi district, to be conducive so that routine public activities run safely and smoothly.

"Our hope to Mr Yupenus Kogoya as the community figure is to cooperate with other community figures and invite everyone in the Kendemeya village to actively involved in helping Binmas Noken to maintain security in their own neighbourhoods because it could give impact to safe and conducive security and order situation in Tolikara regency".

Binmas Noken also hoped that the Kendemeya villagers could utilise their time with positive activities such as farming, fishing, or sports.

If there are disputes or problems that could ignite security and order disturbance. It should be communicated with the local community figures or with the Police personnel to look for the solutions so it could avoid the problems developed further into the one involving many people and could be politicised by people who have their own interests.

The moment approaching December are being utilised by people or groups who want to separate our nation and spread anarchist and treason activities. Therefore, Police ask not to be easily influenced by the provocative invitation or persuasion because it could harm themselves or their families.

Mr Yupenus Kogoya then replied that he is open and enthusiastic about receiving Bnmas Noken and ready to help security and order programme in Kendemeya village.

As the community figure and village officers, Mr Yupenus Kogoya is ready to invite the youths to hold hands and ready to line up for conducive security and order.

Mr Yupenus Kogoya and the community understood that security is the responsibility of Police personnel and all community elements.

The community agrees not to be influenced by certain people's invitations with certain interests.

The presence of Binmas Noken in the middle of public activities could strengthen the partnership.

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