The Chief of Indonesian National Police Asks Ranks to Focus on Preventing a Spike of Covid-19 during Christmas and New Year and Anticipating Disturbances in Security and Public Order
Thursday, 25 November 2021 - 12:04 WIB
The Chief of Indonesian National Police Asks Ranks to Focus on Preventing a Spike of Covid-19 during Christmas and New Year and Anticipating Disturbances in Security and Public Order - Jakarta. The Chief of Indonesian National Police, Police General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, held a Video Conference (Vicon) for all ranks from the High-Rank Executives, the Chief of Regional Police to the Chief of the Departemental Police regarding the readiness to secure security for security and public order ahead of Christmas and New Year to prevent the growth of the Covid-19 number.

In his briefing, Sigit asked all of his ranks to map out potential vulnerabilities and anticipate the potential disturbances to the existing security and public order.

"The security and public order situation are still relatively conducive. However, it is necessary to anticipate the security and public order calendar at the end of 2021, where many activities can potentially disturb security and public order if not managed properly. All Head of Work Unit and Head of Regional Unit have started mapping potential vulnerabilities and preparing security plans and steps - anticipatory measures," said Sigit in his direction.

The former Chief of Banten Regional Police explained that the security and public order situation anticipated early included disturbances from the Papuan Armed Criminal Group (KKB), demonstrations, and acts of terrorism.

In addition to disturbances in the security and public order, Sigit also asked all his ranks to mitigate natural disasters quickly. He emphasized that the police must be present quickly to help people who are victims of natural disasters.

"Perform disaster management simulations so that all personnel on duty are ready and aware of their duties when a disaster occurs. Establish a post and prepare evacuation facilities and waterlogging management in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to accelerate flood handling, evacuation of residents, distribution logistics, and others," said the former Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency of Indonesian National Police.

In addition to anticipating security and public order disturbances, Sigit emphasized that the ranks focus on preparing for Covid-19 security and control ahead of the 2021 and 2022 Christmas holidays.

The government has set Micro Restriction Level 3 during the Christmas and New Year holidays to anticipate the growth in the number of coronaviruses. Therefore, Sigit said, the police ranks to carry out Enhanced Routine Activities (KRYD) before and after the candle operation to implement the policy.

According to Sigit, this anticipation can be done by strengthening the Micro Restriction Command Post. If there are desperate people to return home or go home, residents must be obliged to report through the local Micro Restriction Command Post.

Sigit said, in this case, the Indonesian National Armed Forces-Indonesian National Police and related stakeholders must strengthen synergy in providing socialisation, education to the community, and handling and controlling Covid-19.

"Socialising the Micro Restriction level 3 restrictions during Christmas and New Year so that people can prepare ahead of time. For example, install banners, banners, billboards containing appeals to travellers regarding health protocol, self-isolation obligations and good self-isolation standards," said Sigit.

In this case, residents who will go home are given a certificate containing their identity, certificate of vaccine dose 2, and swab results to control Covid-19.

Not only that, to ensure there is no spike during Christmas and New Year, Sigit said, the police must control Covid-19 on land, air and sea transportation modes.

Meanwhile, for residents who have arrived at their homecoming destination, Sigit emphasized the ranks related to proper handling. For example, starting from reporting to the Micro Restriction Command Post, providing antigen swab results, submitting a dose two vaccine certificate, and preparing an Integrated Isolation if residents are tested positive Covid-19.

According to Sigit, all anticipations and efforts to anticipate security and public order disturbances and prevent a spike in Covid-19 during the Christmas and New Year holiday must really be carried out properly.

Given that Indonesia is the first country in Southeast Asia to handle Covid-19 and based on the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Indonesia is included in the Covid-19 green zone category with the case transmission rate at level 1, so it is safe to visit. This positive trend must be maintained.

Not only that, said Sigit, but Indonesia will also host several international agendas. Therefore, as one of the front lines, the Indonesian National Police must prevent disturbances to the security and public order and Covid-19 spikes.

"This achievement needs to be maintained by strengthening prokes, 3T and increasing vaccination achievements. This is important as an anticipatory step to prevent the third wave of Covid-19 from occurring," said Sigit.

Not only that, in the Video Conference, Sigit also received a report from the Profession and Security Police Division regarding reports of violations by police officers. This affects the current level of public trust in the Indonesian National Police.

According to Sigit, the red report card related to the member's violation must be used as evaluation material to increase public trust in the Indonesian National Police.

"That what was shown earlier was our report card. So, if the report card is red, we shouldn't tear the report card, but how do we fix it later to turn blue. So once again, it is a portrait that emerges from what is happening in the community. Then we will fix all of us. I think these things will make the public understand us, and the Indonesian National Police are trying to continue carrying out or carrying out internal changes to be better. Finally, we must always be optimistic that public trust will continue to increase by continuing to do good deeds," concluded Sigit.

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