Noken Community Development Unit of Keerom Help to Support Pig Farm
Wednesday, 24 November 2021 - 09:43 WIB
Noken Community Development Unit of Keerom Help to Support Pig Farm

Papua – The KASUARI Programme of the Noken Community Development Unit (Binmas Noken) of Keerom prioritises the farmers to be educated by Binmas Noken. The programme aims to advance the Papuan natives' economy and welfare, in accordance with the meaning of KASUARI, Welfare for the People.

On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, at 10.40, Binmas Noken of Keerom visited their pig's farm in the Wiantre village, Skanto district, Keerom regency.

The personnel who attended the event were Police Commissioner Attendant Mujiat, Police Chief Brigadier Abdul Gafur, and Police Brigadier First Class Muhammad Rahmat Fajar. They visited the pig farm owned by Mr Rev Militer Waker, the person-in-charge and also community figure of the Papuan Central Mountains region.

Once arrived, the Binmas Noken team then checked and painted the pig farm. Previously, two pigs were given to the Rev Waker. And, during visitation, all pigs looked healthy.

The regional coordinator of Binmas Noken of Keerom, Police Commissioner Attendant Mujiat, addressed community security and order messages such as:
The presence of Binmas Noken of Keerom is to hold the KASUARI programme in animal farming, which has been ongoing in Wiantre. However, Police hoped to maintain friendship ties between Mr Militer Waker, the traditional elders with the Police, especially Binmas Noken.
Binmas Noken team hoped that animal farming could be improved to help drive the economy forward during the Covid-19 pandemic.
People are advised to observe Health Protocols to prevent Covid-19 transmission.

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