Noken Community Development Unit is Known as Police the Farmer's Friend through KASUARI Programme
Tuesday, 23 November 2021 - 13:55 WIB
Noken Community Development Unit is Known as Police the Farmers Friend through KASUARI Programme - Papua. Police the Farmer's Friend becoming a popular thing in Papua thanks to the presence of the Noken Community Development Unit (Binmas Noken) for the farming group with the KASUARI programme (Welfare for the People). One of the KASUARI activities was conducted by the Binmas Noken of Tolikara on Monday, November 22, 2021, at 12.15 in Yalokobag village, Anawi district, Tolikara regency. The Binmas Noken personnel who present were Police Inspector Forst Class Widada, Police Brigadier Petrus Hamokwarong, and Police Brigadier First Class Yordan P Bonay. They visited the farming of Mrs Abetimina Weya and others in the Yalokobag village. At 12.45, the Binmas Noken personnel arrived and were welcomed by Mrs Abetimina Weya and her family. The Binmas Noken team then started the visit by thanking Mrs Abetimina Weya and her family for welcoming and supporting the KASUARI programme of Binmas Noken. One of the activities in the KASUARI programme is Police the Farmer's Friend. Therefore, Binmas Noken invited Mrs Abetimina Weya and the community to optimise land utilisation and farming for plant cultivations. "We hope Mrs Abetimina and the farming community also could utilise their house front for planting vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkins, and other plants with economic values", Police Inspector First Class Widada said. The visit of Binmas Noken aims to accompany Mrs Abetimina Weya in nursing plants and ensure that vegetable seeds sent by the team a few days ago are planted seriously to ensure good growth and maximum result to enhance its selling values. Mrs Abetimina Weya said, "We thanked for the visit and care of Binmas Noken team and will support KASUARI programme in the Yalokobag village of Anawi district". "In this farming cultivation business, we and the farming groups and other mothers have managed farms and house gardens, but we are low on seeds and tools", The Binmas Noken team and Mrs Abetimina Weya then went to farming lands to help nurse and observe vegetable commodities conditions. At the closing event, Binmas Noken handed over contact facilities in the form of vegetable seeds and basic necessities.

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