Papuan Regional Police Chief Expresses Prioritizing the Recruitment of Police Members, Toga and Tomas
Sunday, 22 November 2021 - 11:00 WIB
Papuan Regional Police Chief Expresses Prioritizing the Recruitment of Police Members, Toga and Tomas - Jayapura. Papuan Regional Police Chief, Pol. inspector-General Mathius D. Fakhiri, said that in accepting candidates for non-commissioned officers in 2021, they prioritize the children of Polri members, especially those born and raised in Papua. The effort was made to appreciate parents who have dedicated themselves and served in Papua.

In addition to members of the National Police, the Papuan Regional Police also prioritizes the children of religious leaders and the community.

We are grateful that this effort was welcomed by the Governor of Papua so that he was assisted by using special autonomy funds. However, you are not the special autonomy police, but the Indonesian police said the Kapolda when meeting with 75 prospective non-commissioned officers educated at SPN Tjilik Riwut Palangkaraya on Saturday (11/20/2021).

At this opportunity, the Papuan Regional Police Chief hopes that the 75 students currently being trained at Indonesian Police State School, S Tjilik Riwut and most of the children of National Police members will always maintain their good name until the end of their education, which is only a matter of days. Therefore, after the inauguration, which is scheduled for December 22, you will return to Papua, and before placing in the sending police station, you will first undergo training.

With the recruitment of youth from districts in Papua, it is hoped that there will be no more violence in the future because the police on duty are from that area and understand the customs of the area.
"Hopefully, there will be no more violence so that development can be carried out, and the community will feel the results," explained the Two-Star General.

Indonesian Police State School, Tjilik Riwut Palangkaraya, is currently educating 380 students, and 75 of them are sent by the Papuan Regional Police.


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