Chief of National Police Handed Over Social Aids to Art Workers of Yogyakarta Affected by Covid-19 Pandemic
Monday, 21 November 2021 - 07:40 WIB
Chief of National Police Handed Over Social Aids to Art Workers of Yogyakarta Affected by Covid-19 Pandemic

Chief of National Police, Listyo Sigit Prabowo, visited Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) on Friday (19/11/2021) to hand over social aid to art workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. On this occasion, Sigit hoped that this aid could alleviate the art workers whose economy was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I hope this aid could be beneficial for dear artists here", Sigit said.

Not only that but the former Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency of National Police also made time to talk with one of the artists, which is a dancer. He asked about the condition of the art and culture sector in Prambanan Temple, DIY.

The dancers admitted that they were severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, in which there were no performances due to visitors absence.

"There are no visitors as well in Yogyakarta, so it has greatly affected us because Ramayana shows depend on visitors who visited Ramayana Prambanan", the person said.

Another dancer added that the recovering pandemic situation opens hope for the revitalisation of dance performances.

"It started to return to normal, even though I have to dance only once a week because there are many dancers here, so we have to create a shift to avoid social injustice. Visitors are started to trickle in even though not so much", the person said.

With the controlled pandemic condition, the Chief of National Police hoped that art and culture activities return to normal. However, the former Chief of Banten Regional Police delivered advice to obey Health Protocols during the performance.

He also gives spirit to the dancers to keep practising because many young dancers want to preserve traditional arts and cultures.

"I hope everything returns to normal, and I advise for strengthening Health Protocols so Covid-19 numbers could go down", he said.

The target of social aid recipients is 700 social aid packages for the Ramayana Balet artists in the form of basic necessities such as rice, cooking oil, instant noodle, sugar, milk, and tea.

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