KOTEKA Programme of Noken Community Development Unit of Asmat Embraces Woman Figures of Agats District
Thursday, 18 November 2021 - 16:26 WIB
KOTEKA Programme of Noken Community Development Unit of Asmat Embraces Woman Figures of Agats District

Papua – Noken Community Development Unit (Binmas Noken) has several programmes to close the Police-community relationship, such as KOTEKA (Communication with Elite and Traditional Figures).

The event was commenced on Tuesday, November 16, 2021, from 08.20-09.05. Binmas Noken of Asmat Departmental Police conducted a friendly visit to the woman figures of Simsagar Complex, Agats district, Asmat regency.

The Binmas Noken personnel present in the event are Chief of Binmas Noken Task Force of Asmat Departmental Police, Police Inspector First Class Sefnat Pitna (regional coordinator), Police Brigadier Triyono (member), and Police Brigadier Second Class Reza A Ramadhan (member). The KOTEKA visit is to meet the woman figure of Simsagar complex, Mrs Yakoba Owom.

The Binmas Noken team and Mrs Yakoba then delivered security and order messages as follows:

"We from Binmas Noken of Asmat came here to meet and greet with the figures in Asmat regency to cooperate in creating conducive security and order situation in the neighbourhood. Conducive security and order are one of the main factors that have to be maintained. Public activity in the village is normal means that the security and order are safe and conducive. We asked for your cooperation to maintain and invite others to maintain security".

Until today, the things around the never-ending alcoholic drinking problems. However, Police assured them they would try to eradicate those alcoholic drinks problems, including the people.

Therefore, Binmas Noken asked people to report to the nearby police station or Binmas Task Force if there were people who disturbed the security and order situation.

"Don't let these people roam around our neighbourhood because it could harm us", Police Inspector First Class Sefnat Pitna said.

At 09.05, the activity was ended by the distribution of contact facilities as gratitude for cooperating with the Police.

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