Floods in Bukit Rawi, Central Kalimantan Regional Police, urge motorists to be vigilant.
Tuesday, 16 November 2021 - 11:38 WIB
Floods in Bukit Rawi, Central Kalimantan Regional Police, urge motorists to be vigilant.

Tribratanews.polri.go.id - Central Kalimantan. The flood that hit the Trans Kalimantan Axis Central road in Kahayan Tengah District, Pulang Pisau Regency, Central Kalimantan, is ongoing and has not subsided. The high intensity of rain from upstream areas and the overflowing of the Kahayan River and Rungan River made it difficult for four-wheelers to pass.

Flooding is exacerbated by the condition of the badly damaged road, and many holes are pretty dangerous for motorists. Therefore, to anticipate things that are not desirable, the apparatus closed the connecting route between the Regency and the province at night and in the morning, it will be reopened.

The Head of Central Kalimantan Regional Police's PR, Pol. Grand Commissioner K. Eko Saputro appealed to four- and two-wheeled drivers to always be vigilant when crossing Bukit Rawi Village, the Trans Kalimantan Road, which connects Palangka Raya City and five regencies (South Barito, East Barito, Barito). North, Gunung Mas, and Murung Raya due to flooding.

The Head of PR explained that the warning was conveyed because several holes with minor to large diameters started to be seen at the location, plus the asphalt was damaged again. The Head of PR also explained that his party has also imposed a ban on crossing loaded trucks and small cars and a road opening and closing system.

"Road users should always be vigilant and reduce speed when crossing the area because there are several visible holes. So it can trigger an accident where the road will be closed at 06:00 PM and reopened at 06.00 AM. We apply this to anticipate unwanted things such as accidents, strikes and overturning due to roads that are not visible and covered by puddles of water," he concluded.

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