The Heroic Actions of the Riau Regional Police Mobile Brigade Rescue Two Elderly Trapped in a House Fire
Sunday, 08 November 2021 - 11:15 WIB
The Heroic Actions of the Riau Regional Police Mobile Brigade Rescue Two Elderly Trapped in a House Fire - Pekanbaru. The heroic action of the Riau Regional Police Mobile Brigade personnel, rescue an older person who had a stroke when his house caught fire on Teratai Street, Sukajadi District, Pekanbaru City was caught on camera by residents.

In the video that was widely circulated on social media and WhatsApp Groups, it appears that the Riau Regional Police Mobile Brigade personnel wearing sports clothes are busy removing and lifting sofas from the burning house. On the sofa, there is an older man in a state of stroke. On the other hand, Mobile Brigade personnel were leading an older woman out of the burning house.

Head of Public Relations Division of the Riau Regional Police, Police Grand Commissioner Sunarto, when confirmed regarding the video that went viral, explained that the heroic action did indeed occur on Friday (11/5/2021) morning, around 06.30 Western Indonesian Time (WIB).

"Yes, so this morning, Mobile Brigade Gowes (Bicycling) members who had gathered since 06.00 WIB at the Mobile Brigade Headquarters to carry out Gowes (Bicycling) while patrolling the bicycles around the capital city of Pekanbaru. Then, when they started leaving Headquarters through Teratai Atas Street at around 06.30 WIB, the group saw black smoke coming out of the roof of the house of resident number 169, which is located on Teratai Street, "explained the Head of Public Relations Division.

Seeing a house fire, the Riau Regional Police Mobile Brigade Gowes Team quickly checked the fire scene. After being examined, it turned out that in the house there were two elderly parents, one older man named Osman Sitorus, who was lying on the sofa, which turned out to be the grandfather who had a stroke, so he could not leave the house even though his home was on fire.

Meanwhile, his wife, Ruhun Siahaan, who was elderly, was already frantic and panicked because she realized that there was a fire on the roof of her house and also that the inside of the house had begun to fill with smoke, was immediately calmed by Mobile Brigade personnel and evacuated to a safe place with her husband.

“The father was the first to be evacuated, lifted or carried with his sofa. The father was immediately transferred to a safe place, namely in the yard of a resident's house, which was located opposite the house of the crime scene. Then his wife seems to have blurred her vision but can still walk even though slowly. Finally, the mother was led and moved to the evacuation site for her husband," continued the Head of Public Relations Division.

Then, the Gowes Mobile Brigade Team of the Riau Regional Police immediately rushed to lift the sofa and the elderly grandfather out of the burning house while contacting the Pekanbaru City Fire Department to extinguish the fire.

“Within 3 minutes, two units arrived at the scene. Then members of Gowes Mobile Brigade helped firefighters insert a fire hose into the house at the scene. And some other Gowes members regulate the smooth flow of traffic so as not to create congestion. After the extinguishing process was carried out for about 15 minutes, the fire was extinguished," explained the Head of Public Relations Division.

Finally, the Head of Public Relations Division continued, in action, there were 11 Mobile Brigade personnel who helped evacuate and extinguish the fire in the elderly house that was already vulnerable.

"We appreciate the Mobile Brigade personnel who have helped residents who are experiencing difficulties and dangers. That is indeed one of the functions of the Indonesian National Police," he concluded.

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