Acceleration of Vaccination in Aceh, National Police Chief Asks National Armed Forces and National Police to Synergize with Religious and Traditional Leaders
Friday, 05 November 2021 - 10:02 WIB
Acceleration of Vaccination in Aceh, National Police Chief Asks National Armed Forces and National Police to Synergize with Religious and Traditional Leaders

Aceh: National Armed Forces Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto and National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo chaired a meeting of the Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda) of Aceh Province, related to the evaluation of the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tuesday (11/02/2021).

In his briefing, Sigit highlighted the province of Aceh, which is still relatively low in terms of vaccination achievement. Tanah Rencong ranks 33 for vaccination achievements on a national scale.

Sigit emphasized that to accelerate the acceleration of vaccination, all elements from the National Armed Forces, National Police, Regional Government, religious leaders, community leaders, and traditional leaders in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam must unite and work for hand in hand to implement a vaccination acceleration strategy.

"We together with the National Armed Forces Commander came directly to hold a dialogue with all Regional Leadership Communication Forum, traditional institutions in Aceh, Regional Leadership Communication Forum at the regional level and all existing stakeholders. Both from figures from religious leaders. We discussed to find the best way how we can increase the acceleration of vaccination acceleration in the Aceh region," said Sigit in his directive.

According to the former Banten Regional Police Chief, the key to accelerating vaccination is the realization of synergy and solidity between the National Armed Forces, National Police and local governments, and all elements of society.

Sigit also provided input to speed up vaccination, including implementing a target system and collaborating with adjacent areas or agglomerations.

"Carry out vaccinations with a targeting system and cooperation between adjacent areas or agglomerations so that it can increase the achievement of vaccination quickly. The Regency/City Forkopimda must be united in implementing accelerated vaccinations," said the former Police Chief of the Criminal Investigation Unit.

Sigit explained, specifically in Banda Aceh, that the first dose of vaccine has reached 80 percent. That is pretty good. However, Sigit said, other areas of Aceh are still relatively low.

So, Sigit said, if averaged on a national scale, Aceh is only at 31 percent. Meanwhile, some provinces are already at 50 percent, and some are already at 100 percent, such as Jakarta Capital City, Bali, Riau Islands, and Yogyakarta.

"Of course, this gap must be pursued continuously. Because in some areas of Indonesia, the first dose, such as Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Riau Islands and Bali, is already 100 percent," said Sigit.

With the synergy and solidity of all stakeholders in Aceh, Sigit is optimistic that the target of Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), to achieve a vaccination of 70 percent, can be realized in the future soon.

"So that the President's target in November is to reach 60 percent and by the end of December, it can reach 70 percent," said Sigit.

More profoundly, Sigit Said, the key to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic is to carry out a combination strategy. Namely, carrying out vaccinations to the maximum, maintaining and consistently implementing health protocols (prokes) and treating people who are favourable for the coronavirus so that they can be saved correctly.

"This combination must continue to be implemented. Because indeed, with this hard work, Alhamdulillah, Indonesia, is ranked first for our ability to control the rate of Covid-19 in Southeast Asia. So I think this must be maintained, of course, by accelerating vaccination," said Sigit.

On the other hand, Sigit also embraces religious leaders and traditional leaders who are against false information or hoaxes about vaccines, which causes some people to feel still afraid to be injected with vaccines.

"To those who have not been vaccinated and are still afraid of hoaxes. Previously, it was stated by the figures that it was certainly not true. So how to raise the enthusiasm of the community to be vaccinated is very important. Furthermore, this requires hard work, cooperation from all fellow stakeholders, including media partners, to help disseminate it," said Sigit.

Furthermore, with the acceleration of vaccinations and the implementation of health procedures, Sigit said, Indonesia will anticipate the potential for a spike in Covid-19 at the end of the year, which will include Christmas 2021 and 2022 celebrations.

"Indonesia can maintain its control regarding Covid-19, especially facing the end of the year. Because usually, there will be a spike. We must maintain this with a strong process and a faster vaccine. Thus the rate of Covid-19 can be controlled, and economic growth is expected to increase," said Sigit.

In addition to chairing the Forkopimda meeting, the National Armed Forces Commander and the National Police Chief also directly observed the vaccination attack, which was held at the Banda Aceh Convention Hall (BACH) and was attended simultaneously in 23 regencies/cities throughout Aceh Province.

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