Maluku Regional Police Ready to Secure Tour de Mollucas 2021
Wednesday, 27 October 2021 - 10:21 WIB
Maluku Regional Police Ready to Secure Tour de Mollucas 2021 - Ambon. The Maluku Regional Police have prepared personnel to secure the Tour de Mollucas (TDM) bicycle racing event on October 26, 2021, which is held for the second time in Maluku Province.

Head of Public Relations of the Maluku Regional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner M. Roem Ohoirat, when interviewed by several journalists at the Maluku Police Headquarters, explained that any event held in Maluku, including TDM, was the second time the National Police personnel had an obligation to provide security.

The Maluku Regional Police held a coordination meeting with the Maluku provincial government led by Maluku Regional Police Chief Operational Bureau. Antonius Want and representatives of the Maluku Regional Secretary, Head of the Tourism Office, Head of the Regional Revenue Service, Head of the Youth and Sports Service, took place in the main meeting room of the Maluku Regional Police base. The Maluku Regional Police said Ohoirat, in principle, are ready to secure the entire series of TDM activities in two locations, each in Ambon and Southeast Maluku.

He explained that reflecting on the experience in 2017 where the first TDM was carried out by taking the Ambon, Central Maluku, West Seram and East Seram routes; it could run safely and smoothly.

The Head of Public Relations of the Maluku Regional Police hopes that all participants who will take part in the competition can enjoy the entire series of activities that take place without any disturbance while being able to enjoy various natural attractions in the Maluku province so that they can be divided into their respective regions to the international community.

To note, this TDM bicycle racing event will be participated by 75 racers, consisting of male and female participants. The activities are divided into two stages, each stage I, namely Ambon Island with a length of 131.76 km, Stage II in Southeast Maluku, 119.88 km. Moreover, the route to be taken for Ambon island which is the first route, namely JMP, Airport Police, Directions back to LIPI, Hitu, Mamala, Morela, Liang, Tulehu, Tial, Passo, Batu Gong, Hukurila, Hatalai, Soya T- junction (finish), Water zone, Morela Moki Beach, Batu Kuda, Batu Gong, Hukurila.

Route two in Southeast Maluku, TMD participants will traverse approximately 119.88 km. The stage starts from the Regent's office – Langgur – Ibra – Abean – Elaar – Danar – Uf – Medwaer – Ohoirin – Ohoira – Tetoat – Dian Darat – Ohoiluk – Langgur – Ngurbloat Beach (finish).

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