Aceh Regional Police Reveal Sales of Cellular Cards Registered with Other People's Data
Thursday, 21 October 2021 - 12:18 WIB
Aceh Regional Police Reveal Sales of Cellular Cards Registered with Other Peoples Data - Banda Aceh. The Aceh Regional Police succeeded in discovering ITE crimes in several areas in Aceh Province by selling prime cellular cards that had been registered with the Citizenship Number and Family Registered Number of Others.

Several areas targeted for disclosure include Banda Aceh City, Bireuen, Lhokseumawe City and Aceh Tamiang, said the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Aceh regional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner Soni Sanjaya, accompanied by the Head of Public Relations of the Aceh Regional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner Winardy.
In his written statement, the Special Criminal Investigation further said that the case was successfully discovered starting with the Cyber Tipid Sub-Directorate Team V, the Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation at the Aceh Regional Police, having received information from the public that the Cellular Prime Card (MSISN) who had registered Citizenship Number and Family Registered Number were traded in the region of Aceh Regional Police Law.

Furthermore, he explained that the investigation team conducted investigations in several cities, including Banda Aceh City, Bireuen Regency, Lhokseumawe City and Aceh Tamiang Regency. Investigation activities were carried out from October 11, 2021, to October 16, 2021. Investigators of the Sub-Directorate of Cyber Tipid V Directorate of Criminal Investigation at the Aceh Police have secured evidence to the Aceh Police and have examined witnesses.

He explained, on Monday, October 11, 2021, investigators from the Sub-Directorate V of Cyber the Aceh Police conducted an investigation in Banda Aceh City and found one shop with the initials SP with its address at Jalan T. Umar, Geuce Kayee Jato Village, Kec. Banda Aceh City of Banda Aceh. Then the investigator bought one cellular starter card from the Telkomsel provider and checked the one cellular starter card received by the investigator and found that the card had been registered with Citizenship Number and Family Registered Number from population data in Central Java.
Based on this evidence, investigators took legal action by securing the witness with the initial of WH and the available evidence and conducting interviews with the witnesses. Then the team secured the evidence in the shop Address Pajak Pagi street at the intersection of the four latitude cities of Kuala Simpang (Aceh Tamiang) to the Aceh Tamiang Resort Police and examined the witnesses. Six boxes of As starter packs (not registered), four boxes of Telkomsel Cards (active), 12 boxes of Telkomsel Cards (not registered), 1 unit of Lenovo computer, four units of Laptop (active), five units of Loop Modem (active), and two units of Loop Modem (broken).

Meanwhile, the evidence secured in Aceh Tamiang consisted of 3 units of silver DELL brand laptop, six units of red and black SANDISK brand flash drives, four units of black FOXCOM brand modem pool, three black LEKA brand modem pool units, ten laptop charger units. Furthermore, 1 unit of black SAMSUNG brand monitor, two black assembled CPU units, one white branded CPU assembly unit, two black SYBOARD brand keyboard units, two white HIGH GIAT brand modem units, one black LG brand CPU unit.

Then, 1 unit of black ALCATROZ brand monitor, 1 unit of white TOSHIBA brand flash drive, one black HP brand laptop unit, one black ACER brand laptop unit, one white MICROTON brand CPU unit, one black RAEAN brand monitor unit, one black POWER UP brand keyboard, 25 25 GB starter packs, 13 6.5 GB starter packs, 3 15 GB starter packs, 18 AXIS starter packs each containing 1000 pcs.
The modus operandi that was carried out was intentionally and without rights to register SIM cards using other people's Citizenship Number and Family Registered Number using electronic devices and an electronic device.

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