Lampung Deputy Chief of Regional Police Inaugurates 108 Covid-19 Vaccinator Volunteer Teams
Sunday, 11 October 2021 - 14:50 WIB
Lampung Deputy Chief of Regional Police Inaugurates 108 Covid-19 Vaccinator Volunteer Teams - Bandar Lampung. In order to speed up national vaccination, the Lampung Regional Police inaugurated 108 of the Lampung Province Covid-19 Vaccinator Volun+B55teer Team at Graha Wiyono Siregar (GWS) of the Lampung Police on Saturday (09/10/21).

Lampung Deputy Chief of Regional Police, Brigadier General Pol. Subiyanto said, to follow up the supervision of the National Police Headquarters, where vaccination in Lampung Province is still very low.

"On the orders of the Regional Police Chief, we launched the Vaccinator Volunteer Team. Because after doing the mapping, it turns out that several Polres or Districts must add vaccinators," explained Brigadier General Pol. Subiyanto.

According to the One Star General, in order to achieve Herd Immunity in Lampung Province, starting next week, the National Police Headquarters will provide as many as 250 thousand doses to be distributed every Sunday in all regencies/cities in Lampung Province, including Way right, Mesuji, Tulang Bawang, Pringsewu, Pesawaran and North Lampung.

The Deputy Chief of the Lampung Regional Police explained that the number of volunteer teams was deployed as many as 108 people consisting of doctors and health workers.

"We synergize with the local Health Service and National Armed Forces colleagues and all existing stakeholders," said the Indonesian Military Academy graduate in 1988.

Meanwhile, in the same place, the Chair of the Lampung Province IDI, Prof. Asep Sukohar said that to make vaccination a success in Lampung Province, 44 doctors were involved today.

"Hopefully, Herd Immunity will be achieved soon and can reduce the number of deaths due to Covid-19 in Lampung Province," concluded the Chairman of IDI at Lampung Province.


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