Lampung Regional Police Successfully Arrested Wanted List's King of Thief Who Has Performed His Actions at 31 Crime Scenes
Thursday, 07 October 2021 - 11:41 WIB
Lampung Regional Police Successfully Arrested Wanted Lists King of Thief Who Has Performed His Actions at 31 Crime Scenes – Bandarlampung. The Tekab 308 team of the Lampung Regional Police managed to arrest the King of Thief on suspicion of violent theft that caused the death of Susiwati (75) at the Bandarlampung Tugu Market on Tuesday, August 31 2021. The perpetrator had the initials MF with Tuyul bin Alfian (21), a resident of Pesawaran Regency, Teluk Pandan District launched the action at 31 crime scenes. The arrests were made in the Mangga Dua area, West Jakarta.

The suspect was detained based on the police report number: LP / 620 / VIII / 2021 / LPG / RESTA BALAM / SEK. KDT August 30, 2021, said Deputy Director of General Crime, Pol Grand Commissioner Attendant Rizal Marito, Head of Sub-Directorate 3, Pol. Commissioner Yustam Dwi Heno and Community Guidance and Development - Police Commissioner Fauzimah during a press conference at the Lampung Police Headquarter Itera, Wednesday (10/06).

According to the Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation at the Lampung Regional Police, officers immediately began searching for suspect MF based on the statement of suspect AN, who had already been arrested.

By the time the arrests were made, the suspect had already fled. After that, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Unit of the Lampung Regional Police named the suspect on the wanted list (DPO).

Furthermore, on Sunday, October 4, 2021, officers received information that the suspect MF was in the Mangga Dua area of Jakarta.

Based on this information, the officers immediately conducted an investigation. As a result, they succeeded in arresting the perpetrators along with evidence in the form of a black Yamaha R15 motorcycle, a Yamaha R15 side ferring, blue jeans, a blue jacket, and a pair of blue jeans. Black sandals.

"Because they resisted, our perpetrators were rewarded with hot lead," explained the Lampung Regional Police Deputy Crime Officer.

After being interrogated, MF admitted that he had committed the crime of theft with violence in 31 different places in the Bandarlampung area.

"The suspect is a resident of a case of violent theft," explained the Deputy Director of the Crimean Crime Unit of the Lampung Regional Police.

As a result of his actions, the suspect will be charged with Article 365 of the Criminal Code paragraphs 2 to 1 and 2 with a threat of 12 years in prison.

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