South Kalimantan Regional Police Prepare 500 Vaccine Doses per Day for Students
Thursday, 07 October 2021 - 11:26 WIB
South Kalimantan Regional Police Prepare 500 Vaccine Doses per Day for Students - Banjarmasin. The South Kalimantan Regional Police have prepared 500 doses per day for students in the COVID-19 vaccination raid at the Precision vaccine booth. The vaccination target is temporarily focused on the City of Banjarmasin, which from today will return to Community Activity Restriction Enforcement level 4 status for the next two weeks, starting from October 5 to 18, 2021.

For this reason, the achievement of vaccination in the provincial capital of South Kalimantan must be continuously boosted as one of the indicators in the Community Activity Restriction Enforcement assessment by the Government.
"This effort is our support for the acceleration of vaccines for students in the context of face-to-face learning in schools. Like today, we carried out vaccinations at SMAN 5 Banjarmasin by preparing 500 doses," he explained.

Head of the Health Department of the South KalimantanRegional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner Dr. Ubaidillah ensured that the stock of vaccines prepared for the students was sufficient because the supply of vaccines came every week.
"So we are optimistic that there will be no shortage. Now it is just the readiness of the school to provide a place for its implementation," he explained.

The Head of Medical and Health at the South Kalimantan Regional Police also said that vaccination should ideally be carried out in each school. It is easier to arrange arrangements related to health protocols so that there are no crowds.

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