National Narcotics Agency of Aceh Province Destroys 31 Kg of Amphetamine and Marijuana
Wednesday, 06 October 2021 - 13:21 WIB
National Narcotics Agency of Aceh Province Destroys 31 Kg of Amphetamine and Marijuana - Banda Aceh. The National Narcotics Agency of Aceh Province (BNPP Aceh) destroys dozens of kilogrammes of amphetamine and marijuana. The narcotics are the result of exposing drugs networks in Aceh from July to October 2021 by the BNNP Aceh.

The evidence extermination of 31 kgs of amphetamine was conducted by mixing in the cement mixer. The 150 kgs of marijuana were exterminated by burning.

Chief of BNNP Aceh, Police Brigadier General Heru Pranoto, stated that BNNP Aceh would conduct maximum eradication efforts, as Aceh is the largest marijuana producer.

And Aceh is also the entryway of amphetamine of Western Indonesia from Malaka Strait and Northern Natuna Sea and enters Aceh.

"Those routes makes our region prone to drugs, mainly amphetamine. Therefore, we have committed that we will cooperate with the Aceh Regional Police and Customs", he said at the courtyard of BNNP Aceh Headquarter on Tuesday (5/10/21), in which he was also accompanied by Chief of Aceh Regional Police, Police Inspector General Ahmad Haydar, Rector of Syiah Kuala University, Prof Samsul Rizal, and related stakeholders.

He affirmed that BNNP Aceh would discover more cases and enforce firmer measures. He asked the public who have information on drugs to contact BNNP Aceh.

"If they have information in the future, I'm asking for the input. Please do not hesitate", he said.

From the operation conducted by BNNP Aceh, they managed to arrest four different suspects from separated networks, either commercial or international. Heru said that four suspects would be subjected to Article 112 (2), 122 (2), 114 (2), and 115 (2) of Law No. 35 of 2009 about Narcotics and threatened by the five-year minimum in prison or death sentence as the maximum.

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