The North Maluku Regional Police's 2021 Kieraha Obedience Operation Officially Begins
Wednesday, 22 September 2021 - 12:11 WIB
The North Maluku Regional Polices 2021 Kieraha Obedience Operation Officially Begins - Ternate. The obedient operation carried out by the National Police officially begins marked with an army title ceremony on Monday (09/20/2021) and will last until October 3, 2021, or for two weeks.

This massive operation in all districts and cities in North Maluku is in order to create conditions for security, safety, order and smooth traffic (kamseltibcarlantas).

North Maluku Regional Police Chief, Inspector General Pol. Risyapudin Nursin, while leading the troop deployment, said there were several things that were targeted in this operation.

Among them are related to providing education and socialization to the public regarding the rules of the Traffic Law that must be obeyed.

With this operation, it is hoped that the public will understand the existing regulations so that accidents can be avoided, said the North Maluku Police Chief, Pol. Inspector-General Risyapudin Nursin.

In addition, considering the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic that has not subsided, in this operation it is also emphasized to the officers to invite the public to participate in the success of the acceleration of vaccination in North Maluku.

"Because the vaccination achievement in North Maluku is still 19.8 percent, let's encourage the acceleration of vaccination to be able to carry out vaccinations in droves to avoid the danger of Covid-19," he appealed.

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