Inspecting Simultaneous Vaccination in 31 Locations in North Sumatra, Chief of Indonesian National Police Ensures President Jokowi's Target will be Achieved
Saturday, 18 September 2021 - 12:46 WIB
Inspecting Simultaneous Vaccination in 31 Locations in North Sumatra, Chief of Indonesian National Police Ensures President Jokowis Target will be Achieved

Commander of the Armed Forces, Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, and Chief of Indonesian National Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, inspected simultaneous vaccination events in 31 regencies/cities across North Sumatra province on Friday (17/9/2021).

Commander of the Armed Forces and Chief of Indonesian National Police visited the mass vaccination location directly in Laucih Central Market, Medan. They made time to greet some vaccination outlets virtually across North Sumatra.

"In following up the direction from Mr President to accelerate vaccination, today Commander (of the Armed Forces) and I visited acceleration vaccination effort by adding more vaccination locations", Sigit said in his visit.

Related to the vaccination event in Laucih Central Market, Sigit said that the place is one of the public activities centres. Therefore, according to Sigit, it needed special attention on vaccination and Health Protocols enforcement.

"The central market's activities from night to morning requires special attention. Thank you to the mayor who has conducted vaccination event in the central market", the former Chief of Banten Regional Police said.

On this occasion, Sigit emphasises the Regional Leaders Coordination Forum of North Sumatra to keep increasing vaccination acceleration to achieve President Joko Widodo's target of two million vaccines administered a day.

"We hope that the achievement to keep increased because we target to achieve 2.3 million vaccination per day, as wished by Mr President. Therefore, the daily average must be around 114,000, and this target must need to be chased", Sigit said.

The former Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency of Indonesian National Police said that the Health Protocols observation and vaccination acceleration could downgrade the PPKM (Community Activity Restrictions Enforcement) level in North Sumatra, especially in regions on Level 4 PPKM.

"Conducting vaccination event so that Medan could downgrade its level, or another region still in level 4. The key is on the enforcement of Health Protocols and, when there are relaxation kicking in, vaccination effort must be strengthened. Therefore, people can conduct activities so that economy could grow and, at the same time, Covid-19 transmission rate could be pushed back", Sigit explained.

Therefore, Sigit encouraged people not to hesitate to get vaccinated. He hoped people to go to available vaccination outlets as soon as possible.

"For people who are still hesitant, just go to vaccination outlets available and, for the ones who have vaccinated, keep wearing masks. That is all I can say: wear your masks and get vaccinated", Sigit concluded.

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