Central Kalimantan Regional Police Launches Mobile face Masks and Distribution of Social Assistance
Thursday, 16 September 2021 - 10:19 WIB
Central Kalimantan Regional Police Launches Mobile face Masks and Distribution of Social Assistance

Tribratanews.polri.go.id - Palangkaraya. Central Kalimantan regional Police launched mobile masks as well as distributing social assistance in the form of basic necessities, assistance from the South Kalimantan Regional Police to residents affected by floods. The mobile masks and the distribution of social assistance were immediately released by the Central Kalimantan Regional Police Chief, Inspector-General Dedi Prasetyo in front of the local police lobby, Tuesday (09/14).

The Regional Police Chief said that the mobiles in the work units and the Polres in the ranks were required to put a sticker on the use of masks.
"Of course it's not just the installation of mask stickers, the most important thing is that we continue to remind the public with the spirit of not slacking off that Community Activity Restriction Enforcement is still being extended," explained the Regional Police Chief.

Meanwhile, Head of Central Kalimantan Regional Police Head of PR, Pol. Grand Commissioner K Eko Saputro added that the installation of mask stickers on all cars in the work unit and Resort Police ranks was an instruction from the National Police Headquarter.

For uniformity, the masks distributed specifically to members of the National Police amounted to 25,000 pieces which were used when carrying out their duties. In addition, the Central Kalimantan Regional Police also distributed social assistance for flood-affected residents in the Katingan Regency area by using mobile masks.

This mobile mask is to remind the public to always be disciplined in using masks and 5 M, explained Head of PR. The social assistance that we distribute to Katingan Regency is 1 ton of rice, tens of dozens of boxes of instant noodles and hundreds of racks of eggs," concluded the Regional Police Chief.

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