Yogyakarta Regional Police Chief Reminds About Challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0
Thursday, 16 September 2021 - 10:14 WIB
Yogyakarta Regional Police Chief Reminds About Challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Tribratanews.polri.go.id - Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta Regional Police Chief, Pol. Inspector-General Asep Suhendar, reminded the challenges in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era. The staff must be ready with any emerging trends.

In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, there are many new innovations including the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, robotics technology, and genetic engineering. These developments will certainly have implications for the main tasks of the National Police and the government, said the Yogyakarta Regional Police Chief during the Technical Working Meeting (Rakernis) and Capacity Building Training (Latkatpuan) for the 2021 Criminal Investigation Unit function, Tuesday (09/14/21).

The Yogyakarta Regional Police Chief said that the 4.0 revolution era was not just a jargon that was constantly repeated. All countries agreed to build this generation with 6 main pillars, namely digital society, sustainable energy, smart mobility, healthy living, civil security, and technology in the workplace.

“National Police as a state instrument in charge of carrying out domestic security always observes and anticipates developments in the strategic environment and cyberspace. This is because often times this region develops full of turmoil, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity,” he said.

"National Police investigators should prioritise responsive behavior and fair transparency in handling the law that does not injure the community, especially the Yogyakarta Regional Police jurisdiction, as the Precision Program launched by the National Police Chief," he explained.

The Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation (Direskrimsus) of the Yogyakarta Regional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner Roberto Pasaribu added that the 2021 Reskrimsus Working Meeting and Latkatpuan will take place on September 13-17, 2021. There are 178 participants consisting of all personnel of the Ditreskrimsus Polda DIY and all investigators in the Resort Police/Metropolitan Police's Criminal Investigation.

The training will be filled with material on handling cyber crimes with regional and international implications, handling criminal acts in the mining sector, and handling criminal acts in the field of corruption and the audit system for the procurement of goods and services. Including the handling of crimes in the field of financial transactions.

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