Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police Targets 80% Vaccination by Year's End
Monday, 12 September 2021 - 13:38 WIB
Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police Targets 80% Vaccination by Years End – Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police, Police Inspector General Merdisyam, inspected the mass vaccination event from the tribune of Makkatang Karaeng Sibali field in Kalabbirang subdistrict, Pattallassang district, Takalar regency, on Saturday (11/9/2021).

Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police was accompanied by Chief of Takalar Departmental Police, Police Grand Commissioner Attendant Beny Murjayanto; Regent of Takalar, Syamsuri Kitta; and Acting Regional Secretary of Takalar, Muhammad Hasbi.

Besides, the Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police also distributed basic necessities packages to people affected by Covid-19. He said that the mass vaccination event was initiated by the 1999 Police Academy Alumni to push vaccination acceleration in South Sulawesi, especially in the Takalar regency.

"We all know that our overall vaccination target is still below 30%, but we are storing many vaccine doses", Police Inspector General Merdisyam said. "We are reaching for another target such as school children for the preparation of offline learning", he added.

The two-star general said that Takalar is entering Level 2, which means cases are decreasing, but it needs to be watched out to avoid the public's false sense of freedom from the Covid-19 exposure.

"The low public awareness may induce the possibility of the rising cases, so the most important is maintaining public awareness, mainly on vaccination, face masks wearing, keeping distance, and avoiding mobility", Chief of South Sulawesi Regional Police said.

Besides, Merdisyam continued, vaccination target across the region, at the end of the year, is targeted on 80% to ensure herd immunity in the community.

"Until the end of the year, the government targets 80% people of South Sulawesi has been vaccinated. It is, of course, needed cooperation from all elements, mainly regional government", he explained.

Police Inspector General Merdisyam also appreciated the performance of the Takalar regency government in helping the central government on the Covid-19 vaccination acceleration. "I saw the regent 'picked up the ball' in this effort because it is a bit difficult if we only depend on the general public", the two-star general said.

Police Inspector General Merdisyam hoped all 12-18-year-old children to be obligated to get vaccinated before the commencement of offline learning.

"The main requirement for this offline learning is that they must have vaccinated. Therefore, the unvaccinated ones must register to get vaccinated", Police Inspector General Merdisyam concluded.

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