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Tribratanews.polri.go.id. KSPI: More than 30,000 workers in West Java, Banten, and Jakarta Capital Region provinces got the free vaccine, as cooperation between Indonesian National Police Headquarter and KSPI (Indonesian Workers Union Confederation). Even the vaccinated workers get free basic necessities packages from Indonesian National Police Headquarter. The president of KSPI, Said Iqbal, said that, In the name of the workers in Indonesia, KSPI appreciated and thanked the government, through the Indonesian National Police Headquarter, who has provided us free Presisi vaccine to more than 30,000 workers in West Java, Banten, and Jakarta. "Even tens of thousands of workers and their families attended the free Presisi vaccination are also given free basic necessities aid from the Indonesian National Police Headquarter", Said Iqbal said. The free vaccine programme from the cooperation between Indonesian National Police Headquarter and KSPI is a tangible form of fruition from workers demand the government to hold free vaccination for the workers in the factories. This free vaccine demand, Said Iqbal continued, is based on data and facts gathered by KSPI. Since the enforcement of Emergency PPKM (Community Activity Restriction Enforcement) implementation for the next two weeks, the Covid-19 transmission rate in the factory area is 10% from the workers. Even in total there are hundreds of workers lost their lives. Related to that demands, Indonesian National Police Headquarter, as a representative of the government, responded quickly. One of them is the administration of the free vaccine to workers in several factories. The factories whose workers have been given free vaccines are EPSON Ltd in Bekasi, Honoris Ltd in Bogor, Nitto Ltd in Bogor, Aisin Ltd in Bekasi, Xacti Ltd in Depok, and several companies in Jakarta, Tangerang, Karawang, and Purwakarta. The workers' vaccination events were also attended by the Chief of Indonesian National Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, such as Epson Ltd in Bekasi and Chih Lung Ltd in Tangerang (KSPSI), and Kahatex Ltd in Bandung (KSPSI). Even the vaccination event held in Kahatex Ltd in Bandung was also attended by Commander of the Armed Forces, Armed Forces Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto. "During the said occasion, Chief of National Police directly gave the free basic necessities aid from Indonesian National Police Headquarter to the workers attended the Presisi vaccination", Said Iqbal said. Meanwhile, the vaccination event in Aisin Ltd was attended by Deputy Chief of Indonesian National Police, General Commissioner Gatot Eddy Pramono. Events at other factories were attended by Inspector General Suntana, Deputy Chief of Intelligence and Security Agency. Said Iqbal said that this free vaccination programme, besides a form of cooperation with the KSPI, Indonesian National Police Headquarter also cooperating with KSPSI of Andi Gani. In total, more than 30,000 workers have been vaccinated. KSPI hopes all vaccination programmes for the workers to be kept free, just like the Presisi vaccination programme from Indonesian National Police Headquarter because the free vaccine programme would accelerate herd immunity. "With the achievement herd immunity, in which 50% of members of the community have been vaccinated, the workers are expected to work optimally so that massive work termination could be avoided, and the companies could work 100%, especially the export-oriented ones", Said Iqbal said. However, Health Protocols must be the obligation for the companies, such as providing free face masks, free scheduled antigen test for the workers, hand sanitiser, washing hands places, implementing shift work if Covid-19 transmission increases, and giving vitamines and medicines for Covid-19 for self-isolating workers. "Therefore, KSPI reaffirms that vaccination programme for the workers conducted by Indonesian National Police Headquarter in cooperation with KSPI and KSPSI AGN is a free programme. Besides, there are also free basic necessities distribution from the Indonesian National Police Headquarter for the workers attending the free vaccination event. Once again, the workers appreciate this programme", he concluded. Jakarta, August 25, 2021 Said Iqbal
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