The Head of the Indonesian National Police History Center Traces The History of Policewomen in Bukittinggi
Monday, 22 August 2021 - 11:43 WIB
The Head of the Indonesian National Police History Center Traces The History of Policewomen in Bukittinggi The history of Policewomen (Polwan) begins in Bukittinggi, The Head of the Indonesian National Police History Center, Police Brigadier General Apriastini Baktibugiansri, with his entourage carrying out the traces to the Polwan Monument of the Republic of Indonesia which stands majestically on Jendral Sudirman Street, Bukittinggi City, Friday (20/08/2021).

In these activities, he also assisted the West Sumatra Regional Police Team and the Chief of Bukittinggi Departemental Police, Police Grand Commissioner Attendant Dody Prawiranegara.

The role of the Indonesian National Police History Center itself fosters and carries out research, documentation or recording, education, study, collection of Indonesian National Police historical objects, provision of literature, and appreciation or respect for employees at the National Police.

Police Brigadier General Apriastini Baktibugiansri K, who also serves as Coordinator Officer of Indonesian Policewoman, explained that the history of Policewomen started from the Bukittinggi City. From this City, six women were selected who became the pioneers of the first Policewomen in Indonesia. Therefore the Esti Bhakti Warapsari Policewoman Monument was established in the cityBukittinggi City.

"This year's activity is almost the same as the previous year, fostering traditions ahead of the 73rd anniversary of the Indonesian Policewomen always carrying out traces. To recall history (Polwan)," said the Head of the Indonesian National Police.

This One Star General also said that his arrival with several entourage represented Policewomen throughout Indonesia and followed the Polwan Monument.

'Of course, this is the pride of the Policewomen and the pride of the people of Bukittinggi because this is a tourist city. Because this is where the birth of the forerunner of Polwan," said Police Brigadier General Apri.

She added that this retrace is usually done by walking from the Bukittinggi Departemental Police to the Polwan Monument. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this will not be done this year. "Because of the pandemic and Micro Restriction (PPKM), we immediately came here (the Policewoman monument)," she concluded.

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