Maluku Regional Police Distributes Aid for Papuan and West Papuan Students
Admin Humas
Thursday, 19 August 2021 - 13:10 WIB
Maluku Regional Police Distributes Aid for Papuan and West Papuan Students - Ambon. The Maluku Regional Police distributed aid to dozens of students from Papua and West Papua. The assistance consisted of basic necessities, masks and plant saplings.

This assistance is in commemoration of the 76th Anniversary of Indonesian Independence, explained the Head of Public Relations of the Maluku Regional Police, Pol. Grand Commissioner M. Roem Ohoirat, Wednesday (08/18/2021).

Donations were made in two places. In addition to the Ambon State Christian Studies Institute (IAKN) Campus, Halong Village Area, Bagula District, distribution is also carried out in the student dormitory of the Pattimura University campus, Ambon.

We are both building a sense of love for the homeland for them on the momentum of the Independence Day as well as a form of our concern for those in Ambon City, and the distribution of aid activities is also to show the public that the presence of Papuan students in Ambon City is very safe and comfortable, said the Head of Public Relations.

According to Head of PR, there are not even hundreds of Papuan students still in Ambon City. Because many of them have returned to their respective areas after the semester break.

Deputy Chancellor III for student affairs at IAKN Ambon, Agus Gasperzs, appreciated the Maluku Regional Police for the assistance provided to Papuan and West Papuan students in Ambon City. The assistance eased the burden on students in overseas areas.

"So the Maluku Regional Police's assistance for them can help a little while at the same time lighten the burden of their lives in Ambon City, and we really appreciate this activity in addition to increasing their love for the Republic of Indonesia," explained Head of PR.

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