Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief Holds the 76th Indonesian Independence Ceremony at the Poso Terrorist's Wanted List Sweeping Location
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Thursday, 19 August 2021 - 12:40 WIB
Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief Holds the 76th Indonesian Independence Ceremony at the Poso Terrorists Wanted List Sweeping Location

Tribratanews.polri.go.id - Poso. Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief, Pol. Inspector General Abdul Rakhman Baso used the moment to commemorate the 76th Indonesian Independence Day by holding a ceremony at the location of the Poso terrorist wanted list (DPO) in Manggalapi Mountainous Area, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi, Tuesday (08/17/2021)

The people who lives in Manggalapi are involved in the implementation of the ceremony both as participants and as instruments for the commemoration of the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day.

Considering that it is still in the atmosphere of the covid.19 pandemic, so that the implementation of the ceremony is limited to participants and still pays attention to health protocols such as wearing masks and maintaining distance

The Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief himself acts as the Ceremonial Inspector, in his mandate, among others, saying "This moment of independence is for us to rise up to conquer the terrorism."

"We hold a flag ceremony together with the community to prevent radicalism," said the Regional Police Chief.

According to the Regional Police Chief, in addition to the ceremony, a severL of steps have been taken by the Madago Raya task force to the community to prevent radicalism,

"Social service, health service, and visiting a several of religious leaders in the area of operation to love the country of Indonesia, which has now been 76 years of independence," said the Regional Police Chief.

Apart from one of the residents who was also trusted as a ceremonial officer, Podumesanga expressed his pride and gratitude to the National Armed Forces/National Police, especially the Madago Raya Task Force which had held the Indonesian Anniversary ceremony in Manggalapi Hamlet,

"Personally, I am proud that after decades of living here, my first experience was being a ceremony leader whose participants were National Armed Forces/National Police and residents," he explained.

In addition to being attended by members of the public, the PDI-Perjuangan politician who is also the Deputy Chairman of the Central Sulawesi Regional Representatives. Muharam Nurdin also attended the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony in Manggalapi Hamlet, Rejeki Village, Palolo District, Sigi Regency,

According to the legislators for the Regional Elections VI of Central Sulawesi, Donggala and Sigi, they really appreciate the efforts made by the Central Sulawesi Regional Police Chief. What has been done by the Madago Raya task force in which the National Armed Forces/National Police has held the Indonesian Independence Day ceremony with the residents is considered appropriate because it can increase the nationalist spirit of the local residents,

Data from the Madago Raya Task Force, the Poso Terrorist Wanted List who are still roaming the mountainous areas of Sigi, Poso, and Parigi Moutong Regencies are six people.

The six Poso terrorist Wanted Lists are Ali Ahmad alias Ali Kalora, Askar alias Jaid alias Pak Guru, Nae alias Galuh alias Muklas, Jaka Ramadan, Ahmad Gazali alias Ahmad Panjang, and Suharhin alias Hasan Pranata.

The six photos of the Poso Terrorist Wanted List have also been posted at a number of points in the Poso, Sigi, and Parigi Moutong districts.

Meanwhile Deputy chief of Public Relations Operation Madagoraya, Pol. Grand Commissioner Bronto Budiyono, said "so that the community does not provide assistance in the form of logistics or information to the Poso terrorist Wanted List, and report it immediately to the authorities if they see unknown people or suspected Poso terrorists while gardening".

"This is to speed up the process of pursuing the remaining terrorist Wanted List that are still in the mountains," said the Deputy Chief of Task Force.

In addition, the Deputy Chief of Task Force also reminded "so that the remaining Poso terrorist Wanted Lists who are still in the mountains of the Poso, Sigi and Parimo regions to immediately surrender, the moment of Indonesian Independence is very appropriate for us to return to the Republic of Indonesia," concluded the Deputy Chief of Task Force.

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