Nemangkawi Task Force Claimed to Conquer Papua's KKB Headquarter of Goliat Tabuni
Admin Humas
Wednesday, 18 August 2021 - 17:13 WIB
Nemangkawi Task Force Claimed to Conquer Papuas KKB Headquarter of Goliat Tabuni – Jayapura. Nemangkawi Task Force claimed to conquer the headquarter of Papua's Armed Criminal Group (KKB). The headquarter was conquered after the personnel raided and shot a suspected KKB member.

"(We) managed to shot one member of KKB, but this person ran with their colleagues into the forest", Chief of PR Task Force of Nemangkawi Operation, Police Grand Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, on Wednesday (18/08/21).

Chief of PR and Press Agency of Papua Regional Police said that the KKB headquarter was spotted by the drone patrol around the Welenggaru village, North Gome district, Puncak regency, led by Task Force team from the Armed Forces.

They found at least three suspected KKB members hiding in the headquarter. They then ran into the house after being spotted by the drone.

"The three of them (then) shot Cakra team", Police Grand Commissioner Ahmad Musthofa Kamal said.

After the shootout, the suspected members of the terrorist group ran into the forest. The personnel then conquered the headquarter and raided the place.

"We managed to seize one M16 type long-barreled firearm", the Middle Officer of Papua Regional Police said.

Until now, Nemangkawi Operation Task Force is still investigating on group headquartered there. They are also patrolling to make sure conducive and smooth public activity in the Gome district.

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