Maluku Regional Police Launches Digital-Based Service Transformation Program
Monday, 15 August 2021 - 10:03 WIB
Maluku Regional Police Launches Digital-Based Service Transformation Program - Ambon. The Maluku Regional Police launched the Digital-Based Service Transformation Program. These include the Maluku Regional Police's official website and the Salawaku Emarima service application.

This Digital-Based Maluku Regional Police Service Transformation Program was launched by the Chief Deputy of Maluku Regional Police, Police Brigadier General Jan de Fretes, in the Maluku Regional Police Headquarters Main Meeting Room, Friday (13/08/21).

The website of provides reliable information and various activities carried out by the Maluku Regional Police and the ranks of the Departemental Police.

While the Salawaku Emarima application, there are services for making Online Police Record Certificates (SKCK), Crowd Permits, and Call Center 110.

For call centre 110, the public can convey various information in their respective areas, such as public order security disturbances and other criminal disturbances.

"As the leader of the Maluku Regional Police, I would like to thank the Heka Leka Foundation and the committee for the Digital-Based Maluku Regional Police Service Transformation Program who worked hard and persistently so that in this short time all the launching processes today can be completed on time," explained the Chief Deputy of the Maluku Regional Police.

Police Brigadier General, Jan de Fretes explained the importance of digital service transformation because of the duties and functions of the Indonesian National Police as a state instrument that plays a role in maintaining public order security (Kamtibmas), law enforcement and providing protection, protection and services to the community.

Therefore, to support the implementation of these duties and responsibilities, public trust is needed, which can be built by forming positive public opinion/sentiment towards the performance of the Indonesian National Police in general and the Maluku Regional Police in particular.

Graduated from the Indonesian Armed Forces Academy in 1988 said that this activity was also carried out to follow up on the priority programs of the Chief of Indonesian National Police, namely Productivity, Responsibility, Transparency (Precision) to manage institutions, changing organizational systems and methods.

In addition, it is also to make the Indonesian National Police Human Resources (HR) superior in the current modern era, especially program 13 on strengthening public communication, increasing the integration of technology and communication with the media for access to information services, complaints, and public participation.

"In today's digital era, online services such as websites and online applications are one of the most frequently accessed and used media to find various information as a means of communicating information and public services, such as Google, Facebook, Bukalapak, Tokopedia and others. Said the Two-Stars General.

With the Regional Police website and the Salawaku Emarina Online application, the former Head of the Traffic Corps of the Indonesian National Police hopes to make it easier for the public to access all the Indonesian National Police information and services, especially in the Maluku Regional Police jurisdiction and ranks.

"So that through this digital transformation, it will help the community service system and supervision by the community quickly, easily and measurably," concluded the Chief Deputy of Maluku Regional Police.

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