Four Important Reasons to Keep Distance During a Pandemic In The Outdoors
Monday, 15 August 2021 - 10:01 WIB
Four Important Reasons to Keep Distance During a Pandemic In The Outdoors Maintaining physical distance is still one of the key protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This is one point of the 5M campaign (washing hands, wearing masks, keeping distance, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility).

These five things, including social distancing, are things that people can do when the certainty of the presence of the Covid-19 vaccine is not apparent.

To stop the current spread of the corona virus, the public has been instructed to practice physical distancing or maintain a distance between people by staying at home, avoiding crowds, and refraining from direct contact with other people.

When implementing physical distancing, we are not allowed to shake hands. We also have to keep a distance, at least 1 meter to interact with other people. Although living with physical distancing and staying indoors for long periods can cause discomfort, it is essential to do so for the greater good.

During this pandemic, people need to be reminded again of the importance of keeping their distance from other people. There are several reasons to pay attention.

1. Avoid the risk of getting droplets
2. Helping medical personnel who are struggling
3. Protect family members at home
4. Breaking the chain of transmission

Source: BNPB

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